Bench Rest Rifle

Restricted Rifle & Restricted Carbine

All members must complete the club level safety course before they bring a restricted rifle or a restricted carbine to any range at Crumlin.

Click here to learn more about the mandatory course content and for information on how to enroll in the course.

Bench Rest Rifle is traditionally precision rifle shooting, single shot, usually bolt action.
It is for long range competition or practice for hunting.

Many calibres are used, doing slow single shot fire, even if a semi-auto rifle is used.

Bench rest shooting typically uses a rest of some type on the bench.
  • Front rest
  • Sand bags
  • Full shooting rest/sled
  • Bi-pod
Be mindful of blast to adjacent shooters.

Pick up your spent brass.

Make sure that actions are open and stay behind the RED Line when people are down range posting targets.

Where can I shoot my rifle?

Range 4: 
  • is the primary rifle range
  • 15 stations
  • 50, 100, 200 yards
  • shoot sitting at the bench, or prone ONLY

Where can I sight in my rifle?

To avoid errant shots hitting the ground, or missing the backstop on Range 4, when sighting in a rifle, scope or optic, the club suggests the following procedure:
  • Set up on Range 5A bench
  • set target at 25 yards
  • Take a few shots to get on target
  • The distance to the backstop is closer and in effect higher.  More likely to contain an errant shot
  • Once on target, move to Range 4

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