Action Shooting Multi-gun

Multigun is an action shooting discipline that challenges shooters to utilize up to three different types of firearms in a controlled course of fire. Shooters will need to combine both speed and accuracy while engaging multiple targets from various shooting locations and positions.  Shooting positions vary from standing, sitting, kneeling, or prone, and even moving/walking while shooting or running between shooting positions. Targets can be stationary or moving and are either ISPC/USPSA-style cardboard, steel plates, or clay targets.

Multigun makes use of one or more of the following types of firearms: a rifle; a shotgun; a pistol during a course of fire where the competitor safely transitions between firearms.

Our rules are based on those used by USPSA Multi-Gun.  (click here to download current USPSA multi-gun rule book) Competitors must possess a recognized action shooting holster certification such as an IPSC "Black Badge", IDPA holster certification or something similar. Holster certification for a discipline that does not involve movement (i.e. PPC) are not recognized.
We periodically hold matches throughout the year. Check the club events calendar or the “Action Shooting Competitions” forum on for upcoming matches. The section holds regular weekly training sessions.

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