PPC - Practical Pistol Competition

PPC is the acronym for Practical Pistol Competition formerly called Police Pistol Combat. 

PPC is shot Monday nights starting at 6:00.  We alternate weeks.  IDPA & PPC.

During the winter we shoot inside (Range 1) and outside on Range 13 during the summer.  Holsters are used and you must complete a PPC Safety and Holster course prior to shooting PPC.  Current Black Badge Holders are not required to take the course.

PPC is shooting at targets from different distances (7, 15, 25 and simulated 50 yards), under various time limits and from a variety of shooting positions (standing, kneeling, sitting, prone).   In PPC, the shooter does not walk or run with the firearm. The focus is on accuracy within the defined time allotment.

A typical course of fire for a 60 round match is:

  • 12 shots in 20 seconds standing at 7 yards
  • 18 shots in 90 second, 6 left hand kneeling, 6 right hand kneeling, 6 standing at 15 yds
  • 24 shots in 2 minutes 45 seconds: 6 sitting, 6 prone,  6 left hand behind the      barricade, 6 right hand behind the barricade at 25 yards
  • 6 shots in 12 seconds standing at 25 yards

To Shoot PPC You Require:

  • Handgun of 9mm or greater---semi-automatic or revolver 
  • Holster which covers the trigger of the gun
  • 4 magazines or 4 speed loaders, minimum needed
  • Inner / Outer "Competition Belt" designed for a holster and 4 magazine/speed loaders
  • Experience and familiarity with your gun is mandatory.
  • Prior to training, you must attend a PPC session to get familiar with the sport and discuss the gear required.
  • You must successfully complete a holster PPC Training Course

PPC Training Course

The course teaches a combination of safety and proficiency with shooting and using a holster and in the various shooting positions required for PPC. The initial training is 2 hours which includes classroom training, practice with a Dummy gun, followed by live live fire on a range.

Following the initial training you must:

  • demonstrate gun handing skills
  • shoot 12 out of 12 shots on a target at 25 yards
  • [Recommend you be able to do this before you take the training.  Practice on your own time prior to taking the course from fixed firing line without holster]

QUESTIONS:  Please contact the PPC section leader at ppc@crumlin.org  or come out on a Monday evening and observe and ask questions.

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