Cowboy Action

Cowboy action shooting (CAS) is the fastest growing shooting sport in North America with over 90,000 members worldwide registered with the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS).  It is a sport truly dedicated to the old west with men, women and young’uns from all walks of life participating.

You can find a Cowboy action shooting match almost every weekend in Ontario which attracts shooters from various clubs.  Crumlin is well situated for cowboy action shooting being in the centre of southwestern Ontario and has rightfully earned a reputation of hosting some great cowboy matches.

Cowboy action shooting  consists of 4 to 6 stages.  Each stage has a shooting scenario loosely based on an old west gun fight. The cowboy shooter engages steel targets in a stated sequence using authentic or reproduction guns of the Old West such as single action revolvers, lever action rifles and shotguns.  Each stage is timed and points awarded or deducted accordingly.

Cowboy clothing for matches can be very elaborate.  With the combinations of clothing, large caliber guns, the many props and facades, you can easily slip back in time to the Old West.  Socializing is a big part of the game so when the shootin’ is over and the smoke clears we all gather round and enjoy some grub served up by the infamous Dance Hall Queens and jabber on about the one we missed.

The Crumlin cowboys, known as the Prairie Dog Rebels, have a great season planned.

Match Dates are available on the events Calendar.

Additional match details can be found here and will be posted in the club house.  We encourage spectators to come watch the fun and be part of the fantasy.

For additional information on how to get started and become part of the growing cowboy community just go to the Prairie Dog Rebels web site.  You will find all the information you need on matches, contacts and reference material for cowboys.  So get yourself some shootin irons, select an alias and come out to the frontier.  Don’t forget your “leather”. You will be welcomed!

We encourage spectators to come watch the fun and be part of the fantasy.


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