Membership Fees

Membership Classes (columns):
  • Archery Only -  access to archery ranges
  • Full Member - access to all ranges
  • Junior - access to all ranges, must be 17 or under
Membership Types (rows):
  • Family - member & spouse, children 17 and under, all living at the same address.
  • Adult - 25 to 64
  • Senior - 65+
  • Youth - 18 to 24
  • Junior - 17 and under
New Members
New members are charged an initiation fee. Memberships are for 12 months.
Join this month, and you membership expires next year at the end of next month.
Example (Join July 19, 2023,  membership expires August 31, 2024)

Renewing Members
Renew membership on-line with credit card.
Unable or unwilling to do on-line, please contact membership coordinator.
Club access stops on your membership expiry date.
If you pay late, your membership is extended from your expiry date.
If you try to renew beyond 60-days from membership expiry, you must join as new member and pay the Initiation Fee.
Member Services
If you need help with your membership card or renewal, email

The CSSA fee is for membership in the Canadian Shooting Sports Association, which among other things, provides members with $5,000,000 primary liability insurance.  Please review their website for other benefits. 

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