Safety Course

Restricted Firearms Safety Course

This is a club level safety course that all members who want to use restricted firearms at Crumlin must take.  All requirements of the course must be completed before you are permitted to bring any restricted firearms to the club.

Click the links below to view/download the documents.

  • The Registration/Tracking Form is used to collect information about who you are and as a record of your taking and completing the course. It serves as the training record for insurance and CFO purposes

Rifle Safety Course

Our Range Operating Approval, issued by the Chief Firearm Office, requires Crumlin to provide safety training to our members.  Safety standards and training is normal practice now.

The Board of Directors have introduced an online Rifle Safety Course for our members using rifles. The course focuses on club rules, procedures, range etiquette and safety for all ranges where rifles are permitted.

short quiz will be retained for our records to demonstrate to the CFO and insurance provider that you have been trained. Complete the Rifle Shooting Safety Test. Submitting on line is the preferred method. 

If you want to view the test click here to download a copy.

We have included two documents to assist members that are new to rifle shooting. A good refresher for experienced rifle shooters also:
  • Fundamentals of shooting a rifle. Click here to download.
  • Setting up a new rifle, how to sight in the rifle, ballistics and bullet drop and finally a section on cleaning and maintaining your rifle. Click here to download.

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