Action Shooting - Pistol - Caliber Carbine

Pistol Caliber Carbines are

•22 rimfire


•40 S&W

•45 ACP

They last 3 are currently classified as centerfire rifles.  The Federal Range Guidelines has set standards that CTF rifles must be no closer than 25 meters to impact with backstops or berms.  The CFO has given us a reduction to 20 yards on fixed firing lines.

We have made a submission arguing the case that PCC are less significant ballistically than many common handguns in use in action shooting.  We are waiting their response.

The issue comes up for IPSC, IDPA and multi-gun events that allow for PCC divisions in their matches.  Crumlin’s issues is that the action ranges cannot support 20 yards to backstops or berms due to the range limitations.

We will continue to request for PCC use for 10 meter impacts as it is for handguns.

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