Bulls Eye

Bullseye shooting has been a mainstay of the club for many decades.
There is  move in the US to call it Precision Pistol.
Several types are matches included in this category.
  • Standard Pistol, (SP) using 22 RF
  • 25 metre (formerly Sport pistol) using 22 RF
  • Centrefire (CTF) using typically using 32 or 38 calibres
  • Rapid Fire using a SP
  • Canadian 1800 (22 RF and CTF)
  • NRA 1800 and 2700 (22 RF, CTF and 45ACP)
  • Free Pistol, single shot 22 RF
  • Air Pistol

Range #5 A  Outdoor range:
  • 24 stations
  • Turning targets at 25 yards
  • Fixed targets at 50 yards
Range #1  Indoor range is 20 yards with 7 stations and turning targets.
(Winter season)
  • Targets scaled in size to 20 yards

Bullseye section shoots Tuesday evenings year-round and moves indoors in late fall.
Sanctioned matches are held periodically and the club has hosted the Provincial summer Outdoor Championships several times.

Matches meet ISSF standards, are sanctioned by the Shooting Federation of Canada (SFC)  and the PSO for Rifle and Pistol in Ontario:  ontariotarget.ca


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