Restricted Rifles & Carbines

All members must complete the club level safety course before they bring any restricted rifle or carbines to any range.

Pistol Caliber Carbines are
   •   22 rimfire
   •   9mm
   •   40 S&W
   •   45 ACP
They last 3 are currently classified as centerfire rifles.  The Federal Range Guidelines has set standards that CTF rifles must be no closer than 25 meters to impact with backstops or berms.  The CFO has given us a reduction to 20 yards on fixed firing lines.

Other Carbines

Typically semi-auto.
Restricted and non-restricted.
Calibers such as 223/5.56, SKS, 308/7.65,  many more

Where can I shoot my carbine?

PCC can be shot from fixed firing line ranges as follows
• Range #4:    From bench, sitting or prone only
• Range #5A    From the bench, sitting standing
• Range #5B    From the bench, sitting or standing [PISTOL CALIBER CARBINES ONLY]
Range #6    From the bench or yellow firing line, sitting, standing or prone
• Range #1    From the bench or yellow firing line, Indoor at 20 yards. [PISTOL CALIBER CARBINES ONLY]

Where can I sight in my carbine?


Sight in a new rifle, scope or optics

To avoid errant shots hitting the ground, or missing the backstop on Range #4
  • Set up on Range #5A bench
  • set target at 25 or 50 yards
  • Take a few shots to get on target
  • The distance to the backstop is closer and in effect higher.  More likely to contain an errant shot
  • Once on target, move to Range #4

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