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Crumlin is accepting new members!

Membership Application Process

There is a mandatory Orientation session that you must attend (usually takes about 1 hour). You will be acquainted with the rules, regulations and obligations of membership. Once you have attended the session, you will be given a temporary ID and password slip. (One-time use only that expires in 7 days)  You will take that home and create a membership profile on our database.  Once that is done, you can pay on-line using a credit card.  If you don't have a credit card, a computer, etc, please discuss with club rep before you leave.

Once you have paid, uploaded your photo, please come to the third Tuesday @ 7pm to get your membership card.  You are not a member until you actually receive your membership card. 

If you are not sure, sign the log book so you do not need to attend the session again.
The orientations are the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7pm sharp in the clubhouse.
You should note that members are obligated to perform a minimum of 8 hours of volunteer time at the club. It can be done on a clean-up day or doing other duties throughout the year.

Membership Types and Classes

Memberships expire 12 months after the month you join. Example: join April 20th, 2014, your membership expires May 30, 2015.
Crumlin offers four  Classes of Memberships

  • Archery Only
  • Clays Only—allows you to shoot trap, skeet and 5-stand
  • General membership—use of all ranges, clays, rifle, black powder, archery, air-pistol
  • Handgun & Restricted Rifle—use of every range, plus pistol range and pistol target boards

Types of memberships: Rates are also based on age, or school attendance or family

  • Adult—18 to 64
  • Senior—65+
  • Junior—17 and under
  • Student—full time attendance of college or university up to age 21
  • Family—member & spouse, children 21 and under, all living at the same address.
  • An initiation fee is charged when you join based on age, etc. It also applies to lapsed memberships.

An Archery Only memberships is available for adults.  

You are required to be member of Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA) so you have primary shooting liability insurance. It provides $5,000,000. It is paid with your membership. There are many benefits to joining CSSA. See for more information.

Visiting to check us out

You are welcome to come to view the facilities and ranges during regular hours.  Please park in the visitor area outside the gates.  If the gate happens to be open for an event, it could close at any time.  You will get locked in--a card is needed to exit.

Orientation Session for new members, or interested individuals is always the second Tuesday of the month @ 7pm sharp.  A director will explain the rules, how things work, answer your questions.  The gates will be open about 6:30 pm for the Orientation session so you can park at the clubhouse.


To be a guest, you must be with a member and the member will follow the guest policy. You can only be a guest 4-times lifetime. That is ample time to see what Crumlin offers you. Make some friends and join in on the fun.

Other Fees

  • Clay birds are paid for by the round—25 birds
  • Black powder section sells targets to shooters on Sundays
  • Pistol members may purchase targets from a Range Officer
  • PPC, IPSC, Multi-gun and Cowboy set fees for practices to cover targets and patches
  • All section have matches and events. Fees set by their match director

Firearm Regulations

All members and guests of Crumlin Sportsmen's Association must obey all Federal and Provincial laws, in addition to the rules as set out by the Board of Directors.

All persons require a valid firearms licence to own or to use a firearm in Canada, or to acquire a firearm or ammunition by any means, including as a gift.

Link to Canadian firearm regulations:

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