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COVID-19 Update

As of June 11, 2021
Guests are once again welcome at Crumlin thanks to the increase in range capacity.

All indoor spaces, except for washrooms, are closed.
Maximum outdoor group size is 10. There is a new "3 metre spacing between shooters" that comes with the Step One re-opening rules.

Trap, Skeet and 5-Stand are limited to 10 people per field.
Range 4 is limited to 6 people and there must be one empty shooting bench between shooters.
Range 5A is limited to 10 people and there must be 2 empty shooting benches between shooters.
Range 5B is limited to 3 people.
Range 6 is limited to 5 people with an empty shooting position between shooters
All other ranges are limited to 10 people per range.

Some section has returned to their regular schedule, some are working out how to operate under the latest restrictions. Check with your section leader. You can also refer to the club event calendar which is being kept up to date as sections decide to offer regular sessions.

Regular Office hours have been suspended. If you need help or have a question email

Regularly scheduled new members orientation session on the 2nd Tuesday of the month have been suspended. See home page for next scheduled new members orientation session or email for more information.

Mask are mandatory in all indoor spaces at Crumlin, that includes anywhere in the clubhouse, the skeet shack, and the black powder club house.

We are not cleaning any surfaces. It is up to each member to clean surfaces and equipment before using.  Members use the club at their own risk.

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