Shotgun has a number of disciplines at Crumlin: TrapSkeet5 Stand and Action shotgun.

Trap Shooting is long standing activity at the club.  We feature 5 ATA Trap fields with automatic machines. Voice calls and lights on two of our fields to allow for shooting after dark.  Several ATA events are planning in the summer months that attract competitors from southern Ontario with 100 singles, handicap and doubles being offered.  Winter months see an interclub between 5 area clubs.

Trap New Shooter Program is put on by our volunteers and offers new shooters the opportunity to try shooting clay targets on our trap fields for a fee. Shotguns ,ammunition, supervision and coaching are provided. 

Crumlin has 2 NSSA SKEET fields limited #9 shot. Large capacity skeet machines fitted with wireless controls for ease of shooting a round. Lights on the Skeet fields also allow for extended shooting hours.

5-STAND is another clay shooting options. It features 9 different (fixed position) machines and 1 portable thrower. The course of fire includes standard, midi, batteau, rabbits, and teal clay targets.   Targets can be lateral, outward, inward and straight up providing a challenge for any shooter's skill level.

Action Shotgun  can be part of a one, two or three gun Multigun event or on its own as part of an IPSC shotgun match. It combines the fun of shooting clays and/or steel plates with dynamic courses of fire and movement all under the control of a range officer.

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