Our members shoot almost every type of pistols imaginable. Everything from antique flint locks and muzzle loaders right up to the latest and greatest in competition models.  Over the last few years action shooting has grown steadily both worldwide and at Crumlin.  A snapshot of a few of the various disciplines using pistols are listed below and for more details please follow the links in the left frame.


Bullseye pistol shooting is the easiest and cheapest competitive pistol shooting sport.  It is a great program to develop fundamental skills. Shooters typically start out with a semi-auto 22 LR pistol.  Ammo is cheap and provides the easiest way to improve. It has been around for years and continues to grow.


National Rifle Association matches are popular in the USA and Canada.

Open Practice

Plinking is an important first step for new shooters.  It allows the shooter to practice safety skills at the range.  Once safety becomes formalized in the shooter’s mind, then improving shooting skills can be worked on.

Action Shooting


Cowboy action shooting Is a sport truly dedicated to the old west with men, women and young’uns from all walks of life participating?

IPSC - International Practical Shooting Confederation

IPSC action shooting Is another one of the fast growing action shooting disciplines at Crumlin. IPSC shooting is about competing with handguns, rifles and shotguns in dynamic courses of fire. Safe gun handling is essential all the while emphasizing accuracy, power and speed, in high-level competitions

PPC – Practical Pistol Competition

This action shooting discipline evolved from police firearm training into a sport enjoyed by civilians as well as law enforcement officers. As with all of the action shooting sports, training and safety play a big part.

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