Precision Rimfire practice-September 2022

Sun Sep 25, 2022 5:30 PM


Precision Rimfire involves shooting rimfire rifles (22LR only) at various targets at long range (50 – 200 yards), with the aim of giving club members the skills needed (accuracy, precision, urgency, focus) to compete at a Canadian Rimfire Precision Series match.

Course of fire will be based on the range booked and will require approximately 50 rounds of 22LR.

Range 4 (Rifle range) – shooting at 2” & 4” steel gongs from 75 to 200 yards from the prone, bench and supported positions.

Range 6 (Black powder range) – shooting at 2” reactive targets and the Know Your Limits (KYL) target at 50 yards from the off-hand and supported positions.



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