Bullseye Match

Tue Nov 28, 2023 6:15 PM



Also known as precision target shooting, this sport rewards those who deliver the most shots closest to the very center of the target. Since this discipline hones the most fundamental skills, it is ideal for the novice and expert shooter alike

The basics:

  • A match is either Rimfire or Centrefire.
  • You must shoot with one hand only
  • 10 shots are fired at each target in two strings of 5 shots each.
  • The X, inside the 10 ring, is the highest shot possible. 
  • A perfect target, with a score of 100 (10 shots in the 10 ring), is called a possible
  • Matches have stages, each with a distinct course of fire.
  • There is the Slow Fire stage, Timed Fire Stage and the Rapid Fire stage


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